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What to do when you forget your tripod…

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Here’s a quick DSLR tip for the weekend!

I want to give you some ideas of what you can do if you forget your tripod?

Let’s face it, it happens!

Alternatives to a tripod:

1. Use a fence, post or railings to lean on and steady yourself.

birds on the jetty

birds on the jetty

With this shot I had to steady myself on the railings around the marine lake.

I was basically stood on a very large sea wall so the sea was behind me. And it was very windy that day, so as you can see the birds had the right idea – all huddled up on the jetty out of the wind!

It’s got to be bad if the birds are hiding?

2. Use a rock, wall, sea walls or corners of buildings to lean on or against.

Lighthouse at high tide

Lighthouse at high tide

This shot is taken in pretty much the same place as ‘the birds on the jetty’ shot but looking the other way over the sea wall.

In fact I climbed up onto a built-in bench on the wall and used the top of the wall to lean on while shooting. But remember always stay safe when doing anything like this.

When the weather is bad down here I ‘ve even leaned on the wall, and the corner of a building to keep upright never mind steady…


3. Lie on the ground and rest on your elbows, ok this one can cause some strange looks!

To get this shot of the daffodils I had to get down really low.



And there was enough space for me to lie on the ground in front of them to take the shot.

Using my elbows as like little tripod legs.

I then realised the ground was still slightly wet from the morning dew!

Note: I don’t wear any good clothes when shooting…

Is there anything I’ve forgotten?

How do you steady your camera without a tripod? Do you ever forget your tripod?

Let me know in the comments below…


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  1. I bought this thing about two weeks ago sorry i forgot the name.
    What you do is screw it to the bottom of your camera like a tripod
    Them pull this long cable out put it on the floor and step on it. After you step on the cable that’s attached to your camera you pull up tight And it’s supposed to act like a tripod. Did it work I tried it several times and it did not work for me. I had more handshake trying to pull it tight and take a photo then I did without the cable Under my foot

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