What does Photography mean to you?

What does photography mean to you? For me briefly (because I’m prone to ramble), photography is an expression of what I see around me, and how it makes me feel.

The trick is to then convey that in my photographs. And to tell the story that I am trying to tell…

Everyone is unique, and no 2 people will take a photograph or see a photograph in the same way, we all see things differently and that should be enjoyed to the full.

Photography is a creative expression, therefore there is no right or wrong way to do it.

And this is actually one of the main reasons why I like photography so much – because it is so unique. If 5 different photographers took shots of the same object do you think they would all look the same?

Over to You

What does Photography mean to you? Why do you like it so much?


  • It challenges you?
  • It captures that moment in time so well?
  • You like the gadgets and gear?
  • It is a way to express yourself?
  • It is art?

Is it one of the above or something else?

Share your thoughts with us by adding a comment below…


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  2. Hi, Im Monique senior at Ruether Central in WI.. I have a winterbreak essay thats half of my grade & Its about the History of Photography and how its come away from being just a obscura camer.. Help is what I need please, I really want to make this a good papper

  3. Every thing around the world is beautiful in their own way..photography enhance that beauty.For me its about timing and eyes to see the ordinary things in some different ways and defiantly uniqueness.

  4. I am no photographer but have been around a lot of photographers. What I have come to know is, it is an art not appreciated enough. We live in a society where writing is an art, dance is an art, painting is an art. But photography is considered vague enough to call an art. Which is absolutely not so. I consider photography as a non-worshiped art, which should be as respected as the other forms of art.

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