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What do you want to do with your Photography in 2014?

Happy New Year for 2014! I’m very excited about 2014 and where my Photography could take me this year…

Do you know what you want to do with your photography in 2014. What do you want to achieve this year?

I may have said this before:) But I think photography is a journey and I think you constantly evolve and learn as a photographer. Whether that’s the equipment you use or the subjects that you’re shooting…

So this year with that in mind I want to push my bounderies and try things I’ve never done before. And of course I will share them all here with you!

What have I got so far…

Shooting wise, I’m off on a London Photowalk next weekend, it’s the first one of this type that I’ve been on so I’m really looking forward to it, and the new friends that I’ll meet.

And I’ll be shooting the 5 day Giant Spectacular ‘Memories of August 1914’  in Liverpool in July, it’s part of the commemorative events for the centenary of the start of World War 1. I think it’ll be a very poignant and moving event, but one I’m really looking forward to.

And then we come to gear,

I want to totally challenge myself this year. Photographers love gear and trying out new stuff and I’m no exception. And I think at times it can be confusing for someone new to the world of ‘cameras with interchangeable lenses’ to know what they all do, more so now we have more choice than ever before. As you know I shoot with a Canon 600D at the moment otherwise known as a DSLR camera. But now there are also CSC or Mirrorless cameras.

So I’m going to look at, and explain the differences between DSLR’s and CSC – compact system cameras or Mirrorless cameras, what they do, and look at which are the best ones to buy.

And hopefully get to test out a CSC camera. Again I can’t wait to share what I find.

And that’s just for starters!

So that’s some of the reasons why I’m looking forward to 2014.

But now it’s over to you – What do you want to get out of your Photography in 2014….. let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Hi Mandy,

    Thanks for sharing and keep the updates coming. I look forward to your email updates. For me, I started my 365 photo project on Jan.1st ( I wanted to start a few years ago but now I found a great site to share and learn along the way. Im happy to finally start this year and share with others.

  2. I have just started learning with my camara I have canon 550d I would love to know how to take photoes and view them strait away on my lap top or ipad I have seen them do this every photoe they take you can just look at the lap top and they are there could you help me on this do I need any special equipment for this. Kind regards Dougie

  3. Hi Mandy

    You have provided some interesting information to me as a beginner photographer. 2014 will actually be the year I venture into becoming a photographer as this has been a lifelong dream of mine. Thank you for these interesting experiences and tips you openly share. Looking forward to learning more from your up and coming adventures:)


  4. Hi Mandy

    How I look forward to receiving your emails. I sit and really digest them. I have joined a photography club here in Wellington Point Queensland. Only took me about 6 years to join. So I paid my fees for 2015. Nest for 2015 will hopefully be a 60d canon. Why I want it so much I don’t know. I shoot with a 600d. I love photography especially in the bush and wildlife. Did heaps in Namibia when I worked for Nature Conservation but in 35mm film. So in 2015 I really want to get out there and learn.

    1. Post

      Thanks Roger, I’d love to see some of your photos sometime?

      I know what it’s like I also feel the pull of shiny new cameras….. but I also feel the pull of shiny new lenses? Maybe something to think about???

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