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6 Unusual Photography Gifts for the Photographer in Your Life

I know I’ve just looked at 14 photography gift ideas for the photog in your life, but I couldn’t help myself when I came across these unusual photography gifts while Christmas shopping (ok I got sidetracked).

I just had to share them.

As a photographer we are not always the best to buy for… we tend to have expensive things on our wish lists.  But I like this list of gifts because they are different and inexpensive!

So if you’re wanting to buy something completely different for the photographer in your life, or you want a fun alternative to the real thing then these really hit the mark.

They’re going on my list that’s for sure…

1. Lens Coffee Cups

Yes, you heard right you can pour coffee into a lens and get away with it!

They really look like the real thing. You can buy all different ones, take a look at this 24-105mm Travel Camera Lens Mug. And if that’s not enough you can buy a Canon or Nikon lens, depending on which one’s your cup of tea! (sorry couldn’t resist).

These are my favourite. Well if I can’t afford a real 24 – 105mm lens then hey… I’ll buy one of these and pour coffee in it!

Guaranteed to put a smile on any photographers face.

2. The F-Stop Watch

This F-Stop Watch is definitely unusual and quirky. The clock face is marked with Aperture numbers, with a bright red second hand and the middle of the watch looks like a shutter.

I love how Photojojo put it: ‘You’re a little fuzzy around 2, start feeling better around 8, but at 11 you’re sharp, focused and ready to party’ (photographer joke!).

3. Photographer Wristband Set

Well there seems to be wristbands for just about everything these days so why not a lenses? DSLRKIT Photographer’s Wristband SET

Another great stocking filler idea.

4. Camera Cufflinks

I really like this gift idea, great for the guys – Camera Cufflinks what’s not to like?

5. iPhone Camera Cover

Do you take photos with your iPhone?

This is a nice bit of fun for those photographers that do, or iPhonographers. Go retro with this iPhone 6 Case, Retro Camera Design

6. Camera Tip eBook

Is there a certain type of photography your photographer would like to try out, or know more about? How about buying them an eBook on the subject?

I think these gift ideas are all absolutely fabulous. And would make a great fun gift for any photographer.

Happy Shopping…


P.S. There are some Amazon affiliate links in this post so you can easily add to a wish list.

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