TPB Monthly Round Up #5

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This is the monthly round up for June. I think the service I have used the most this month and got the most out of is Flickr, I have learned so much about it and used it so much this month, that I want to share some of the information I found:

I have started using and being active in Flickr Groups this month, which I think are one of the best features of Flickr. The one that got me started was a new one called Learning Photography with Neil Creek which I am really enjoying. I’m meeting lots of like minded people who have a fantastic selection of photographs, and I’m having a great time getting to know them. I definitely recommend joining a group, I had followed Neil’s blog for some time though so I had an idea the group would be good!

The Flickr groups have been a great place to find other really good photography blogs. Here’s one I found through Neil’s group: Your Photo Tips which also has it’s own Flickr group. So I think the overall benefit I like the best about Flickr, is it’s fantastic networking opportunities.

All this talk about photographs has got me joining another photography project over at Adidap – All Day I Dream About Photography. This time the goal was to take a photograph or your bedroom or something that is in your bedroom (always). This was a bit challenging as the bedroom is quite a personal space, but I gave it a go anyway…


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