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My vision for The Photographer Blog, desire or plan?

In my first post I talked about what this blog is going to be about. This time I’d like to talk a bit about why I am writing it, and where I would like it to be in a couple of years. In other words what is my vision for the photographer blog, what desire or plan have I got for it, and for me!

This all seems a bit heavy and unnecessary at this point. But it is all part of my journey and how I am trying to get there. So I thought I would tackle it now and say straight off what I am going to do. I am starting this blog off by talking a little bit about me.

Now you may think this a little strange and self-centered as this blog is about photography. Surely I should be talking about that? It’s strange for me as well because I am not one for seeking the limelight. But I am going to be talking about me as a photographer. So I think it is important to explain how I have come to this point with photography, and what it means to me. Before I go any further.

So the next three posts will look at my journey so far and how I have come to this point. I want to form a good base for the blog and to explain why I want to talk about photography in the first place.

My goals for this blog?

I want, and will be working towards making this blog into an information source for beginner photographers. And also share my own journey with photography and what I am doing. And seeing as any creative endeavour is a journey there will be a lot to learn on the way. As learning is best as a sharing experience, where more than one person can help others to move forward and enjoy photography more and more. I would like to foster a community where photographers can come and share their love of the topic and talk to each other.

Ultimate Dream…

As with most photographers and artists my ultimate dream would be to have my photographs in an exhibition! Hey everybody has to have dreams, and if you don’t try to reach out and grab them then you will never have a chance of it coming true.


Now that’s set out everything from starting to grow this blog into a useful information source to my ultimate dream! These are my goals, inspiration and plan to follow and work towards. Whether they happen, well, follow this blog and we will see? But it is always good to have a plan. So have a look over the following posts and get a feel for me as a photographer and for the blog. And please feel free to come back and participate in the debate, learn from my mistakes, teach me or join me on the journey.



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