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Recently I looked at why digital photography has become so popular. In this post I am going to start to look at how digital photography has changed the way we take photographs. So over the next three days I’ll take a look at taking, editing, sharing digital photography and what it involves.

Definition – Digital Camera

The Oxford dictionary describes a digital camera as ‘a camera that produces digital images that can be stored in a computer and displayed on a screen’.

Definition – Photography

It also describes photography as ‘the art or practice of taking and processing photographs’.

It doesn’t sound very exciting when you put it like that!

But I think digital photography is exciting, it gives us new ways to share and enjoy images like never before. It’s the biggest change to photography in over 100 years. So I thought I would take a closer look at how digital photography has changed the way we take photographs:

1. taking the image
2. editing the image
3. sharing the image

Although obviously I am a digital photographer and really enjoy it. I am going to look at the pros and the cons to be fair (or I’ll try to anyway). Digital photography is such a huge topic and after all this whole blog is about it, so I only plan to cover what I think are the best features of the above areas. Starting with the first one tomorrow!

See you then.



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