rain on the window - take pictures in the rain without ruining your camera

How to take pictures in the rain without ruining your camera

You’re ready and raring to go, you’ve planned this day for ages and you’re really looking forward to it. You’re camera is ready, you know where you want to go and what you want to take pictures of. You get up and look out the window – and it’s raining!

What do you do? How do you take pictures in the rain without ruining your camera?

Do you change your plans and do something indoors?


Don’t let the rain stop you. If you’re on holiday you may only have one day to take the pictures you want!

Taking pictures in the rain can produce some really fantastic moody and atmospheric pictures. Obviously you want to wrap up and keep dry but what about your camera…

Always have a rain cover with you

Not for you for your camera! Yes, some cameras and lenses are weatherproof, but generally rain and cameras don’t go well together. If water gets inside your lenses elements or in your camera itself it can ruin them.

Also you never know when you’re going to get caught in a shower, so the best thing to do is always have a rain cover with you. Most camera and lens combinations have a rain cover that you can buy, and most are fairly inexpensive. They fit over your camera and around the lens with an adjustable strap (with the lens poking out). They have two elasticated arm holes for your hands to fit in and a clear plastic back to see what you’re doing when using the camera. After a quick search I found this one for my camera – click to view (aff link). But if you’re on a budget then don’t despair, a large plastic bag can be adapted to do the same job. Just make the holes that you need and use elastic bands to keep it in place on the lens and your arms.

Have a microfibre towel in your bag

These are really cheap to buy and soak up water really well. I use these as part of my camera cleaning kit, to dry off my camera and lens if rain gets on it. And I always have one in my bag.

I use a lens hood on my lenses so that protects the end of the lens quite well from getting rain on it. But I remove it when I’m finished to dry the hood and the end of the lens. You’d be really surprised where the rain can get into. And also you don’t want to wait until you get home to do this, you need to find a dry place (the car/coffee shop are great for this) to dry everything down before putting it away in your bag.

Take cover whenever possible

Yes, I know this one sounds obvious, but maybe easily overlooked in the heat of the moment.

But can you take the picture that you want while under cover, a tree, a building, a car? If it’s possible then taking a picture from inside your car can be the best idea. Just wind your window down and take the picture from the comfort of your car. Just don’t forget to position your car so the rain and wind aren’t blowing in through the window, have them hitting the opposite side of the car.

Otherwise if this isn’t possible then are there trees nearby that could offer some shelter. Or is there a wall or the side of a building that is out of the rain or wind.

If you’re in a city wanting to do some street photography, then doorways or an overhang on a building can be very handy when looking for some shelter from the rain.


So there are some ideas for taking pictures in the rain without ruining your camera. And taking pictures in the rain can produce some incredible pictures, so don’t let the weather put you off. Don’t change your plans, head out anyway and see what happens. The rain may stop, and that can be the best time to take advantage of reflections in the puddles, making the most of what the rain has left.

But that’s enough from me, what do you do when it’s raining? Let me know in the comments…

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