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10 Must Have Accessories For Your DSLR

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This is a list of the top 10 items on my digital photography wish list (I have a Canon 450D) and possibly should be on your list too. Every photographer has a wish list, and the items on the list tend to range from the affordable and practical, to the absolute dream. I’m a gadget fiend so I love researching …

Definition: Image Sensor

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Image Sensors are the nitty gritty end of the digital camera. Basically the digital version of film. Film camera’s took 35mm film, in digital camera’s the ‘digital film’ is called an image sensor. But there are lots of different types (or sizes) of image sensors, and this can be important when choosing a digital camera. What is an Image Sensor: …

What is a DSLR?

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There’s lots of fancy abbreviations in photography and they can be confusing, you can sometimes feel like you’re reading another language! So while weighing up the pros and cons of DSLR’s which I am doing at the moment, I thought it may be a good idea to start at the beginning and look at what a DSLR really is. Well …