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How to Reach all your Photography Goals in 2012 in One Easy Step

Mandy Photography Inspiration 5 Comments

Have you made any New Years resolutions, or set your photography goals in 2012? If you have… …don’t let these goals slip away – take action! This is my photography goal for 2012 If I can do this then everything else will fall into place Keep it simple: I’m going to take more photographs this year I think this is …

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My 6 Step Essential Guide to making a Photobook for SoFoBoMo 11′

Mandy Photography Projects 7 Comments

Hopefully you’re taking me up on my photography challenge and joining me on SoFoBoMo 11′! Register now if you haven’t already, it’s great for beginner DSLR owners as it’s a good way to improve your photography skills (or any photographer for that matter!). Firstly what do you have to do to make your Photobook? What are the rules of SoFoBoMo? …

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13 Resources for DSLR Beginners

Mandy Photography Tips 61 Comments

I know it can take a while to adjust when moving from a point and shoot camera to a DSLR. So I’ve put these tips and resources for DSLR beginners together (in no particular order) for photographers who are just starting out with DSLR’s. Although I’m sure they are a good reminder for all of us. 13 Resources for DSLR …