inspire your photography

5 Tips to Inspire Your Photography This Year

Mandy Photography Inspiration 12 Comments

So it’s a New Year and some of us may have new cameras to play with? But where is the best place to start with them or where can you go to just find a good resource for them. Here’s some tips to inspire your photography. Inspire your photography Or are you in need of some inspiration or direction for your shooting this year, …

dodge and burn tool in photoshop

How to use the Dodge and Burn Tools in Photoshop

Mandy Post processing 10 Comments

One of my 10 Photography Goals for 2010 was to learn more about post production editing using Adobe Photoshop. A long time ago I worked for an Advertising Agency and I was trained to use Photoshop 4 (that shows how long ago it was!), Adobe Photoshop has moved on a lot since then and my knowledge is very rusty. I …