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Which is the Best Entry Level DSLR For a Beginner?

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Which is the Best Entry Level DSLR For a Beginner? That’s a big question and will change depending on who you are and what you like. But what I can do is tell you my experience as a beginner DSLR user, and hopefully that will help in your own decision making process. You may also want to check out The …


Calumet Going Strong After 70 Years!

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Calumet celebrates 70 years in business I went to the Manchester Calumet tradeshow last thursday to celebrate 70 years of Calumet Photographic. I really enjoyed the day, not least for the goody bag that I received for being one of the first 100 visitors through the door. Or for the free sensor cleaning that they were offering. But also for …


Which Cameras Have I Used?

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How did it all start? A lot of my family were into cameras and taking photographs. I always remember watching them and wanting to have a go. I’ve probably been interested in cameras and wanting to take photographs since I was about five. I remember really early on being shown how to take a photograph. Probably because I was nagging …