Somerset Sunset

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I took this shot of a Somerset sunset just after the sun had gone down, outside of Brean in Somerset. Looking over to the Welsh coast.

It was a tricky one to take as in I had a lot of trouble getting onto the beach?

It made me realise how lucky I am. Where I live I’m not far from the coast and the access to the beaches is very easy and free!

Somerset Sunset

So it came as a shock to me when I popped out in the car from where we were staying to go and shoot the sunset (I left in plenty of time). Only to find that I couldn’t find the beach?

There were static caravan parks everywhere so I couldn’t actually see the beach. But I finally found a little sign and followed it into a car park.

That for a start you had to pay for? And also closed at 7pm complete with barriers? No good when sunset was 7.30pm?

So I did what any other self respecting photographer would do and abandoned my car as safely as possible and ran across the road to have a look at the all too rapidly vanishing sunset…

And I found the above scene. I was too late to actually get the sun, but I didn’t mind as the colours were lovely (that must be why they call it blue hour).

There was no time for a tripod!

So I took a couple of shots hand held with a large aperture. And hoped I could keep it still enough in the rather strong winds and freezing cold weather.

Do you have any sunset stories?

Share them in the comments below…


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