Sea Odyssey - Giant Spectacular

Sea Odyssey – Giant Spectacular

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I only just heard about the Sea Odyssey – Giant Spectacular in time, for some reason I’m always the last to know these things!

But I’m so glad I did hear about it and was able to go and see them, they really were…. well spectacular!

The Story

The story of the Giants goes like this: The little Girl Giant’s father was a stowaway onboard the Titanic and she wrote him a letter the day before the ship left.

The Giant went down with the Titanic, so the Little Girl Giant sought out her Uncle to try to help find her father.

The Uncle Giant combed the seabed looking for his brother, he found him but was too late, what he did find was a reply to the Little Girls letter. So he dragged the mail crate back across the ocean floor to give it to his niece and return the letters to the people of Liverpool.

So the Giants roamed the city looking for each other.

The story was written by Jean-Luc Courcoult of the French street theatre company Royal Du Luxe who performed the spectacular, he wrote it for the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.

Xolo the Dog


The atmosphere at this event was amazing. There was a real feel good feel to the whole thing.

Which made it a pleasure to shoot and a great experience to have…

It was great that so many people got to see the Giants, and the people of Liverpool really did take them into their hearts during their brief stay. And that made the atmosphere and the experience so much better.

But from a photography point of view it did make it a little hard to move around. And follow the Giants so I could shoot them (so to speak).

It was a challenge!

And to just challenge myself that bit more I only had my 50mm lens with me because my 18-55 lens broke?

Shooting the Event

Uncle Giant

Uncle Giant

What I learned from my experience shooting this Sea Odyssey – Giant Spectacular (and it was giant in every way) was that you had to be fast.

I had to be fast to try and navigate the crowds and get myself into a good position to see them. And keep moving with them.

At one point I even managed to tag along with the Event Photographers, although that was more luck than anything else!

I’d get myself into a good position then shot as much as I could around me until the Giants passed. Then I’d try to catch them up and repeat.

I wanted to catch everything and not just the Giants.

I found the ‘Liliputians’ that operated the Giants and the vehicles that moved them fascinating. The amount of effort that went into creating and moving the Giants was incredible. So it was easy to be enchanted by them!

And it gave me lots to shoot…

Sea Odyssey – Giant Spectacular Slideshow

I thought I’d try something new!

I’m not sure how well it’ll work so bare with me…

Instead of listing a load of images I thought it might be nice to try a slideshow? So below are 3 videos (slideshows) with a selection of images, one video for each Giant – Xolo the Dog, Little Girl and Uncle Giants.

I used the free version of Animoto to make the videos. With the free version you get to make unlimited 30 second videos. So don’t blink! Or just play them again… Oh and if you go full screen the quality isn’t very good, you have to pay for HD. What can I say it’s free! So remember – don’t blink or just play them again and enjoy…

If you don’t see them below try refreshing the page and hopefully they’ll magically appear?

Did you go and see the Giants – let me know in the comments below.


Try our slideshow creator at Animoto.

Or try our video maker at Animoto.

Try our video maker at Animoto.

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