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How to Reach all your Photography Goals in 2012 in One Easy Step

Mandy Photography Inspiration 5 Comments

Have you made any New Years resolutions, or set your photography goals in 2012?

If you have…

…don’t let these goals slip away – take action!

This is my photography goal for 2012

If I can do this then everything else will fall into place

Keep it simple:

I’m going to take more photographs this year

I think this is the best advice I can give to a beginner photographer, or any photographer – including myself!


The more you shoot the more experience you get,

The more you shoot the better you know your gear,

And the more you shoot the more mistakes you make, the more you learn.

The more you shoot the better your photographs will become,

The more you shoot the more you’ll know what you like to shoot.

Get the idea?

Shoot, keep shooting, then shoot some more!

Start Shooting Now!

Remember, you’re not on your own

We’re in this together

If you get stuck


If you want help

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But most of all (you know what I’m going to say)

Keep shooting…

Have Fun!

And lets make 2012 a great year for our photography!

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