Photography Basics Online Course

Do you ever get frustrated with your camera… and wish you could understand what all those buttons and settings are for, so you can just take the photo that you want to take? Yes?

Well in this Photography Basics Online Course that’s what you’ll learn!

I think there are two main topics that you can learn to help you use your camera better, and let you take better photos. Here they are:

1. Understanding Photography Composition eg. positioning, light, weather, subject, balance, surroundings.
2. Understanding your Camera eg. exposure triangle, aperture, shutter, ISO.

If you have an understanding of these two topics then you can make the right decisions for taking the photo that you want to take. And help you to choose the right settings and that’s how you’ll recreate what you are seeing in your photos.

After all you want to capture that moment so you’ll never forget it.

What will you get in the Photography Basics Online Course:

1. 5 Lessons covering Composition and Exposure Basics and Settings:

Lesson 1 – Composition
This is a huge topic, books have been written on it! But in this course we are
going to give you a firm foundation in composition that you can then add to.

Lesson 2 – Aperture (Exposure)
You’ll need an understanding of how your camera captures light to be able to
understand how to get the best out of your camera.

Lesson 3 – Shutter (Exposure)
Last lesson we looked at Aperture and Aperture Priority Mode and how
depth of field can help you be more creative with your photography.

Lesson 4 – ISO (Exposure)
Back in ye old days when I had a film camera (crikey I sound old!),
ISO was to do with how sensitive the film was to light.

Lesson 5 – Bringing it all Together
So it’s one thing to learn about all of these parts separately but the trick is to bring it all together.
So in other words we need to learn when to choose or change which component.

Lesson 6 – Bonus section
In this section I want to give you some extra bonuses that will add and compliment to the course.

2. Bonus Lesson with resources to compliment the course
3. Lifetime Access to the course and all it’s updates
4. Support via email (directly through me)