The Photographer Blog's YouTube channel

The Photographer Blog’s YouTube Channel is Live!

The Photographer Blog’s YouTube channel is Live, it’s finally here!

And it’s something that I’ve been planning for a while. At the end of the day photography is a visual medium. So it’s better to be able to show you how to do something rather than write about it.

When it comes to photography tips, it would be even better if we could just meet up in person and go take some photos. But seeing as that’s not possible, the next best thing is to make a video about photography tips. And share them that way.

Weekly Photography Tips

I’m going to be uploading weekly photography tip videos, as well as tutorials and gear reviews. So if you have any requests for a video then please add them as a comment below.

I will still be posting to the blog though. And I will be using the videos that I make as an extra feature for the blog, to hopefully enhance your experience here.

The Photographer Blog’s YouTube Channel is Live!

But feel free to pop over to the channel and have a look around. Click here: The Photographer Blog’s YouTube Channel. If you want to be notified whenever I upload a video then subscribe to the channel through the button, and you’ll get a notification as soon as a video goes up.

That’s important because one of the features I have planned is a vlog where I go out with my camera and you can come along and see what I find. That wont be embedded onto this blog though it’ll only be on YouTube.

I’m looking forward to creating content that is more visual. And being able to help you get more out of your photography in a more meaningful way.

But also to use these videos to be able to communicate with you more. Lets get the conversation going! See you there.


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