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New Project: Liverpool

New Photography Project: Liverpool

As I said in my last post I have stopped my project 365 that I was doing. It was just becoming a bit of a bind and I wasn’t enjoying it because I was struggling to get the shots in. So I’ve started a new photography project, let me explain…

But I want to replace it with something else that will put less demands on my time but give me a focus. And help me to continue moving forward with my photography skills.

I visited Liverpool (which is nearby) in the summer to take some shots and I have been uploading some of them (soon to be all) to my Flickr account. When it suddenly hit me that this could become a great project for me. I love architecture, and Liverpool certainly has lots of that. It’s nearby so there’s not much travel involved. And I haven’t shot much city/urban photography so it would be something new as well.

I’m going to try and make it back over there before Christmas, and spend the day shooting and see what happens. I’ve not found my ‘niche’ or ‘style’ yet in photography. But this is something that interests me and should be a lot of fun!

Watch this space…


This is an ongoing project that I enjoy to do. Whether it’s street photography or architectural photography there’s lots to keep my interest. I also like looking back at posts like this, and seeing how I have improved or changed the way I do things.


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