my introduction to food photography - lemon ice cream

My Introduction to Food Photography

My Introduction to Food Photography

I‘ve brought my two passions together recently, photography and food. By trying out some food photography. I don’t know why I haven’t thought of it before, it seems so obvious now!

They make a perfect pair for me. I’m a home cook, that loves to cook for my family and friends, and trying out new recipes on them. And I love digital photography and want to try something new. But I’ve never thought of photographing the food I make before, proberly because the food didn’t stay around long enough to be photographed!

Until I was inspired by this post on DPS: Getting started in food photography. Besides the photographs making me feel hungry, the article just jumped out at me. And the video was a great way to show an insight into what is involved in food photography.

So I had a look around on Flickr for some food photography groups so I could learn some more, and meet other like minded photographers. I found Still life With… a blog dedicated to food styling and photography, they set a monthly challenge to remake a photograph of their chioice (see link), and you can see my 1st attempt at a remake above.

Besides the fact I haven’t photographed food before I think lighting is my main challenge. I have no lighting gear as such, so I’m using natural light and home made reflectors at the moment. There’a a bit of a learning curve but I’m really enjoying it!

Look out for more food photography on my Flickr Photostream!


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  1. Dear Mandy,

    I’m a new follower to your blog after acquiring my first DSLR (Nikon D90) and happened to stumble (no pun intended!) on your writings whilst seeking photo galleries taken with the D90. First off, I’d like to say you’ve got a very neat blog. The colour scheme is cool and blends well with your organised text. Yes, I like! Prosit! as we would say in Maltese to congratulate someone. More importantly perhaps, the content is great. Well written, concise, snappy and flowing. So I’m defintely hooked as you can see, and can’t wait to start one of my own!

    Actually, I am a 41 year old lawyer, who had a remarkable photographer for a dad. His son, unfortunately, didn’t turn out quite like him and this is his first serious foray into the art. I empahsise the word ‘art’, because prior to qualifying as a lawyer I used to work a SOCO (Scene of the Crime Officer) and a large part of my work was scene photography. We used to use film those days, so I am well acquainted with the technical aspects of photography (Colour & B&W), developing and printing (B&W only).

    But SOC photography isn’t an art. And an art is something I suppose you cannot be taught – one though that you can learn. Hence the adventure! Imagine then, my surprise, when I read further in your blog to discover your interest in food and food photography.

    Thing is, I’m a chef and the cook at home. Not that the wife doesn’t approach the kitchen, but, crafty little devil that she is, prefers leaving this part of the house, most of the time, to me!

    So, I went and read that article by Steve Buchanan that inspired you so much and got quite excited. Listen, are there many food photographers? Is it commonplace? I mean there are many portrait, fashion design and landscape photographers (I’ve seen some of yours and I liked the Lighthouse most of all!) for example.

    In the meantime keep it up and


    1. Post

      Congratulations on the D90, and I’m glad you like my blog!

      As for food photographers, there are a lot of very talented food photographers out there. But I still want to shoot food because it excites me and I’m passionate about it, and I really think that it’s important to do what you love as a photographer and it will show in your images.

      Shoot what you love…

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