My First Month of Project 365!

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hospital gate

Well I have finished the first month of my Project 365, the first milestone. I’ve uploaded all my photos to my Flickr account, except two which I took on my mobile phone, I’m still looking for the lead to upload them to my computer!

I’m not doing a specific project 365, like a self portrait one. I’m more documenting my year where possible and the things around me. Which is really interesting. Some days are harder than others when thinking of something to shoot, but it’s challenging and making me look for photo opportunities everywhere.

vale park bandstand

So much for this photo a day thing, I never realised that to get that one photo I was going to have to take so many! But because I am taking so many photos I feel I am starting to improve and I’m learning a lot, as well as getting better at spotting photo opportunities.

easter egg run start

I’m really enjoying it, and just looking back at last month is rewarding and gets me excited for this month.

Here are three of my favourites from this month, if you would like to see more then take a look at my Flickr account.


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