my favourite photo of 2015

My Favourite Photo of 2015

What makes a Photo interesting?

It took a while, but I’ve finally decided on my favourite photo of 2015.

So instead of looking at the year ahead like I did last year, I thought I’d try something different and have a look at what I’ve done last year instead? Or, more precisely what was my favourite photo that I took in 2015?

I did a lot more city/urban photography last year which I really love… so I assumed it’d be one of those? But when I was looking through my catalog in Lightroom this image popped out to me more than all the others.

My favourite photo

It’s the oldest shelter left on this bit of promenade and I do wonder what sights it’s seen…

It was extremely windy this day so it was a bit of a challenge getting the shot. My tripod was just getting blown everywhere, so I had to take it hand held. I remember my eyes were streaming with water as I was setting up the photo because the wind was that bad! So I really like the fact that the photo looks so calm and serene. When I was having trouble just staying upright while taking it?

So I guess what it boils down to is not the technical aspects of the shot, or the way I’ve composed it that draws me to it. Or makes it interesting? But more the way it makes me feel when I look at it. And when I took it? I think we’re always drawn to take photos of things that interest us and create a spark. And that’s what makes photography so individual.

I’d driven past the shelter for months before I got a chance to get a photo of it. And I knew what the photo was going to look like, I could picture it before I got there. I also remember it from being a kid, and it always made me feel like there was a lot of history to it. I can imagine it’s seen a lot of sights! So I think all that contributes to how it makes me feel.

What was your favourite photo of 2015? Let me know in the comments and leave a link to it if you want…


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