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My 6 Step Essential Guide to making a Photobook for SoFoBoMo 11′

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Hopefully you’re taking me up on my photography challenge and joining me on SoFoBoMo 11′! Register now if you haven’t already, it’s great for beginner DSLR owners as it’s a good way to improve your photography skills (or any photographer for that matter!).

Firstly what do you have to do to make your Photobook? What are the rules of SoFoBoMo?

There’s not many…

1. Remember you’re on you own!

It’s a solo photo book you’re making, at least 35 photos to be taken in a 31 day period anywhere between the 1st July and 31st August 2011.

2. Decide on a subject

That could be shooting all the photos using a certain lens like a 50mm, or it could be a pet, a holiday, a weekend away, your favourite place to visit, anything you want?

You’ll find that shooting 35 photos of your chosen subject will make you look at that subject differently, and challenge you to find a new way of taking those photos. It will improve your photography skills.

3. Go for it…

Get shooting – it doesn’t matter how you take the 35 photos in the 31 days, it could be all in one day, or one a day it doesn’t matter.

4. You’re going to want to edit your photos, so choose your software

If you’ve got a photo editing software package like Adobe Photoshop Elements then great. But if not don’t worry lots of cameras come with a suite of software that will let you edit your photos nicely. Or maybe try having a go with Gimp which is free photo editing software.

Here’s some guidelines for editing your photos:

  • You need to reduce the size of your photos to fit your photobook under the 15mb file limit
  • The pdf is primarily for viewing on screen so your photos need to be optimised for viewing on screen
  • Make the photos longest side around 850 pixels as this should avoid the viewer zooming in and out to see the photo
  • If using Photoshop use the ‘save for web’ function
  • If not you’re after a file size of a couple of hundred kilobytes for each photo try 72 pixels per inch and sRGB

5. Create your photobook

Right now for the nitty gritty part – again for those of you (and me) lacking in the professional page layout software department, how about using a word processor, which could be more familiar, Microsoft Word, Apple Pages or Open Office for instance.

Here’s some guidelines for creating your photobook:

  • Think about orientation, if using portrait and landscape photos then a square book may work best
  • Start with a square page around 40cm and place your photos, adjust from there until you’re happy
  • If you’ve reduced the photos then make sure they go in at full size
  • Remember formatting, text, titles, cover, footers, colour, who you are, contact you etc…
  • Play around until you find what works for you
  • Have Fun!

6. Create your PDF

Now you’ve created your photobook you need to make it into a pdf so you can upload it to the SoFoBoMo site for everyone to view.

Once you’re happy with your photobook then use the create or print to pdf function in your Word Processor (most of them have this function either in the file menu or somewhere in the print menu). Remember the 15mb file limit before you upload, then simply sign in and upload.

47 days left to make your photobook

Next post I will show you how I’m going to make mine…

I look forward to seeing your books, post a link to them in the comments below.


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  1. Post

    @ Klaus – yes you may translate this article into Spanish! Glad to see you’re taking part again in SoFoBoMo, I’m looking forward to seeing this year’s book. I’ll be telling you about my book in the next post…

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  3. Done!
    i get it over, hope that don’t mind that i took some liberties at the translation, but i put a link to your post for that matters
    i believe that the modification were minor ones and that you still like it, if not let me know

    thanks and see you in the site!

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