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My 10 Favourite Shots of 2009

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So the title’s self explantary really!

Here are my 10 favourite shots of 2009 – that I took…

1. Last July we had the chance to visit the D-Day beaches in Normandy France, somewhere I’ve always wanted to go. This shot was taken in the B&B where we stayed.

2. We stayed in a Bed and Breakfast in Arromanches called the Normandy Beach B&B, they did a great breakfast! This is a shot of one of the bedrooms, a typically rustic French place.

It used to be the last working farm in the village before it was turned into a B&B, and is only 150 yards from the beach so it was very central and easy to explore the bars and restaurants in the village… We really enjoyed staying there.

Arromanches was part of Gold beach, which was one of the code names for the beaches on D-Day. And is roughly in the middle of the D-Day beaches with Omaha on one side and Juno on the other side.

3. We walked along the beach one night and took this shot. It’s looking towards Omaha beach and the sun was just setting nicely behind the cliffs.

On the right you can just see the remains of the Mulberry Harbour. That was constructed after D-Day to help bring troops and supplies onto the beaches quickly to support the troops that had already landed. It was only supposed to be temporary but there’s still quite a bit of it left – 65 years later!

4. One of the reasons I wanted to visit the D-Day beaches was that my Grandad was there on D-Day, he served in the Durham Light Infantry and this is his badge.

I took it with me because I thought it might be nice for it to see the place again in happier times. A fairly large part of the Mulberry Harbour has broke away and been swept up onto the beach. And this shot is taken just at the foot of it.

You may have guessed already but this subject is something very close to my heart, and something I’d like to learn more about as I feel it’s important to pass this on to my children so it can be remembered.

5. This is a shot of the ‘front door’ at Alnwick Castle in Northunberland, we visited it last summer. It’s the home of the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland and was used as Hogwarts in the first two Harry Potter films, so it’s a busy place.

When I look at this shot I remember how I had to really think about the composition of the shot. There were people, billboards and ticket desks all around, and I wanted it to be empty and inviting. So by just moving a little and changing from the obvious position I came up with this, I should have taken the wide shot as well to compare the two! Don’t forget to move those feet…

6. I love Chester, it’s full of history and architecture that spans thousands of years.

This is a shot of some rowing boats on the River Dee. I had to creep out on a very shaky jetty to get this angle so I could get the danger sign in the background (there’s a weir just past it).

But I really like the muted colours and the dark water. They make a nice contrast to the rows of colourful pedalos that were behind me.

7. This is one of the images that I used in my Single Photo Book in a Month (SoFoBoMo 09) project last year.

I created an electronic photo book called Food Glorious Food that can be found here. It was the first photo book I’ve ever created and also my first real try at food photography.

I based it around the food at a local organic farm shop, Church Farm. I went with no more than my Canon 450D so it was a good job that the shop was full of natural light. It was a great experience and I’ve learned a lot about shooting food and about shooting on location.

8. Since I enjoyed my first venture into food photography so much. I thought I’d try and learn some more about it. I came across Still Life With which is a brilliant food photography blog written by Lara Ferroni who is a food and lifestyle photographer.

She also has a Flickr group – SLW Photo Remakes where every month she posts a different challenge to remake. This was my effort for the fruit ice cream cups remake. It was challenging to shoot because the ice cream melts in double quick time, and with food lighting is so important to pick up the texture of the food, and this is an area I’m still learning in. You could use any fruit but this was a close remake to what Lara posted (as in I used a lemon!).

9. This was a lucky coincidence. I had actually just come out of the Organic Farm Shop where I had been shooting for my SoFoBoMo project and I was walking down a country lane. I walked past these flowers (sorry don’t know anything about flowers let alone their name) that were just growing at the side of the lane.

So I thoutght I’d try out some depth of field while I was there with my new Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 Lens. I love the purple with the green they contrast nicely. It just shows always keep your eyes open…

10. This was taken in the walled garden at Lindisfarne Castle Holy Island. The walled garden was designed by Gertrude Jekyll an influential garden designer in 1911. And the National Trust has restored it to as near as possible to the original.

I found these daisy’s and thought I’d try a new angle. Although I’m sure I looked a little strange to the other visitors in the garden. As I was laid on the floor trying to twist myself under the camera to see what I was doing! It was worth it though I think?

So there were my 10 favourtie shots of 2009. They may not all be the best I’ve taken photographically, but they are the best because of why or where I took them. Or how they make me feel when I look at them. And that’s a huge part of why I take photographs. And that’s why I’ve given a little background on each of them, so you can see them through my eyes.


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