Liverpool Lines at Museum of Liverpool

Liverpool Lines

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Museum of Liverpool

This image was taken down the side of the Museum of Liverpool, in Liverpool!

I was walking back to the car after a couple of hours of shooting around the waterfront, when these lines caught my eye.

The more you shoot the more you notice composition opportunities…

Black and white or colour?

I liked the way the lines on the building were going at right angles to the lines on the floor. And I knew instantly that I wanted it in black and white to make that the focus of the image. I think sometimes colour can be a bit distracting. The building and floor were grey already, but the blue sky (gorgeous as it was) drew the eye to the top right of the image. So black and white it was!

This shot is also the first one that I have processed as HDR, from a single RAW file. I’ve been trying out some HDR photography for the last couple of months, and I’ve had some very interesting results… I’ve created image from single RAW files. And I’ve also taken bracketed images, 3 images – 1 underexposed, 1 normal exposure and 1 overexposed. And then merged them together to create the HDR image.

I’ll be sharing some more images over the next few weeks and I’ll explain a bit more about it as well.


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