megapixels should we be worried

Megapixels have nothing to do with the quality of your photo?

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The larger the Megapixels the better the image? Is that right?

The first thing you hear about when you are looking at a camera is how many it has?

So you’d think that they’re very important when it comes to choosing a camera and taking photographs?

And the more you have the better…

But is there more to it than that?

Yes there is….

They are only part of what is involved in image quality. The image sensor, processor, metering and lenses are all part of image quality.

Megapixels and how many there are determine the size of the image.

The more there are the larger you can print your image.

Simple….. Hey?

With all the new very large megapixel cameras that are coming out, it’s good to understand what they are. And also to realise what that means – the more megapixels the larger the image file size.

So the more storage space you will need!

Whether that’s memory cards, hard drives or the Cloud!

What is for certain is that technology is moving on a pace, and keeping up with it can be a full time job….


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  1. I have to agree that more megapixels mean nothing if you do not know how to take photographs. But if you do know how, then all things equal, more is better. Just seeing some of the work put out by some photographers shooting the d800 and seeing the depth of details, is just amazing. For a third of the price of a Hasselblad or PhaseOne you can get some simply amazing stuff.

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    Yes, the D800 with its 36 megapixels can produce some amazing images, but the file size of around 75mb per image does make my hard drives eyes water!

    And you’d be able to print some whopping prints off with that camera.

    Nikon’s obviously worked very hard to develop the D800 so it’s able to make the most of those 36mp. And I’m sure we’ll see more of these cameras as technology moves forward…

  3. It’s not only the room its also tough on your processor, Im using a 2011 macbook pro and even the tiff files from a 5dmk2 seem to stress my machine out. If only I could get the d800 and new macbook retina I would be set.

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    Mateo – I think there could be a chance that computers will have to catch up with cameras at this rate!

    You must be looking at getting up to $6,000 for a d800 and new Macbook? I’d love to try them out – just not pay for them!

  5. Every photographer must evaluate the megapixel needs they have for the type of photography they’re doing and for who their client is or what the end purpose is. A wedding photographer shooting 3000+ images a day is probably not going to find the D800 suitable to their tastes… it will slow down their workflow.

    As a portrait photographer, however, I find the D800 to be wonderful for what I do, especially since I wind up making quite a lot of very large prints and canvases. 36MP means that art hanging on my clients’ walls looks fantastic.

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