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Learn your camera – How to start in 3 easy steps

When you start out learning photography it can be daunting. You realise that there’s so much to it and you’re not sure where to start. And when it comes to your camera what is the best place to start with, to learn your camera?

Well, I’ve come up with 3 easy steps to get you started quick on how to do it. They’re great tips to master because they’re basic and will give you a good foundation to your understanding of your camera.

Take a look at this video to see what they are:

3 Easy steps

Practice with these 3 easy steps and get a good grip on them. And you’ll start to get some confidence with your camera and it’s controls.

Once you’ve done that we’ll move onto the next steps. And because of these basics, you’ll find the next steps easier and more enjoyable.

But don’t forget, when you practice these 3 step to use what you know about composition and lighting to bring it all together. Learning how your camera works is an important part of taking a great photo. But that wont work on it’s own. Having an understanding of composition and lighting and using that knowledge, will elevate your photography to the next level.


PS Which tip did you find the most helpful? And do you have any questions? Let me know in the comments below…

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