My Photography Journey So Far… part 2

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Being Creative…

Should I try and change my career and how difficult would that be? Would I be able to retrain in a different area completely? I decided to sit down and write what I enjoyed doing most, to see if I could do a course to retrain in that area. I came up with:

  • Photography
  • Computers
  • Art

So I went to night school and enrolled on a course that I found covering all 3. It was Apple Mac Training in Quark, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Computers and technology have moved on hugely since I have left school and there was a lot of courses on offer. This course suited me down to the ground. I really enjoyed it, and although it was hard to work and find time to study (I had to take holidays to be able to attend the lessons) what I was learning was extremely rewarding. It was so easy to manipulate the photos and create whatever image or illustration I wanted. It really fulfilled my creative side and what I wanted to do. I also became a fan of Apple Mac computers.

I qualified. And I was lucky enough in 2000 to be able to get a job in an Advertising Agency, creating recruitment adverts for various clients. This was a huge step. I had never done anything like this before, it was a complete change and everything was new to me.

I was growing with my photography

Even with all this going on I was really enjoying my photography. I was starting to refine and learn more about what photographs I enjoyed taking. Like landscape photography and architecture. Landscapes reflect my love for the countryside, the sea and travelling. I love to visit places as well as being able to take photos of them. I really like architecture and it’s different lines, shapes and forms, buildings can look great in photos and really tell a story.

That along with my Photoshop skills was taking photography to another level for me, and I was appreciating it more.



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