My Photography Journey So Far… part 1

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I thought it would be a good idea to give you some background information on me. To give you a little idea on where I am coming from and who I am. So here is a brief look at my photography journey and how I have come to be writing this blog.

Starting my Photography Journey

I wasn’t the typical girl, I didn’t want to learn to dance and I wasn’t into horses etc.. In fact I was a bit of a tomboy, I liked making things and learning how they worked. I loved gadgets. I remember from an early age being interested in cameras and taking photographs. A lot of my family were ‘into’ photography. And I have a feeling I nagged them to death to have a go. I did end up with an old hand me down 35 mm camera that was my Grandads. It was the simplest thing you have ever seen, with absolutely no settings and a flash cube! Showing my age now!

I clearly remember being taught how to take a photograph. Looking through the view finder, aiming and pressing the button without moving the camera or the picture would be blurred. So I could put what I was learning to good use I remember concentrating really hard with every photo I took, to make sure I wasn’t moving the camera. I did really well and my pictures turned out fairly good.

I was made up.

So I took to it well and had several different cameras while I was young, including Kodak and disc cameras. I just loved taking photographs, experimenting and thinking of what pictures I could take. Then the thrill of seeing if it had worked, or not.

School Photography

My favourite subject in school was art and design. When I got to the sixth form I had a chance to take photography as part of my art and design course, so I jumped at it.

I loved it.

It included learning about the darkroom, developing film and using everything from enlargers through to cameras, and projects for photographs that we later used in graphic design. That was my favourite ever part of school and I was sad that I couldn’t have taken it as a singular subject. It was my hobby but when it came to career time, I didn’t want to make it a contender for a career.

When I left school I took a job as a trainee dental nurse. I suppose if you count all the X-rays I have developed over 10 years as a dental nurse. Then I have definitely spent some time in the darkroom and in a way had a job in photography!

Look out for part 2…



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