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The Photographer Blog newsletter

Remember when I said there was going to be some new stuff coming up on the Photographer blog, well here’s the first one: the Photographer blog monthly Newsletter is here (Yhay!):

What will you get in The Photographer Blog newsletter?

It’s going to be a monthly newsletter and it will include:

  • Useful tips to help you take better photos
  • Learn how your camera works and how to use it better
  • Get inspiration for your photography
  • Offers and news for The Photographer Blog from time to time

Now I know life is very busy and I’ve created this newsletter to help you get the most out of your camera, and your photography. So that means that if you are willing to sign up to my newsletter then I will keep your email completely safe. It will never be sold or passed on to anybody else.

All you have to do is fill in the form below and click ‘sign up’…

One last thing – Thank You so much for subscribing.

…and if you like the newsletter then please tell all your friends!

Look forward to seeing you on the other side…


Join my Photography Tips Monthly Newsletter

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  1. Knock me down and call me stupid, but I can’t find the form to complete for your newsletter list. Though I do already get your emails. Are they one in the same? I’m lost…..

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    @Leigh – Sorry I probably could’ve explained it better!

    You can sign up for the newsletter anywhere it says ‘Get Free Email Updates’ or at the bottom of posts where it says ‘enter your name and email below to get free email updates’.

    At the moment you must get my blog posts via RSS email (in other words just my blog posts).

    This is a new newsletter and I plan on it having exclusive content on top of the normal blog posts so it’s well worth signing up for…

    I hope that helps?

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