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It’s been a while…

I know it’s been a while and I didn’t want to just start posting again and ignore my lack of activity…

Although it’s no excuse I have been very busy since last year with Google Business Photos. I’ve been through my training, certification process and I’m now a fully fledged Google Trusted Photographer (even got a t-shirt to prove it!).

Google Business Photos is a program for businesses which enables them to have a 360 virtual tour done of inside their business, using the same technology as Street View (but not the car lol!).

I think it’s great because it’s the next natural evolution of street view to me. I know if I’m checking somewhere out on Street View to go on holiday. And I find an interesting shop then it’d be cool to have a look inside before I go, yeah? Well that’s what Google Business Photos lets you do! So while your surfing the interwebs and you see something you like. Look for a ‘see inside’ box (if they’ve had the photos done… hint hint) and you’re away. Maybe I’m nosey, but I think it’s a great way to find some hidden gems and that’s why I got involved with it.

Anyway, as you can see I’ve not just been slacking off. I’ve also been busy planning some good stuff for the Photographer blog and you my readers which I’m very excited about!

Here’s some of what I’ve got in store:

First off, I’m going to be posting easy to understand and use photography tips once a week on a Thursday (yes I know it’s Friday!). But at least you’ll know when to expect tips in future.

Then there’s a new design on it’s way (really soon). That’ll make it easier to find past tips and useful information.

Also a more in depth and comprehensive look at the basics of photography for beginners.

And the Photographer blog newsletter will be getting an update (subscribe so you don’t miss out if you haven’t already!)

That’s enough for now…… I’m looking forward to next week!



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  1. Ooh goodie!!
    Congrats on the GTP accreditation! I hadn’t heard of this concept so good to know.
    And it’s your website, so you can post whenever you want to 🙂

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