Image of the Week #31

This week in image of the week:

Where do you think this was taken?

I couldn’t believe it myself when I came around the corner and saw this idyllic beach.

It was actually taken in North West Scotland on the road to Mallaig.

We’ve just been up there for a long weekend on my husbands motorbike, and enjoyed the most glorious weather I have ever had while visiting Scotland (and I have been a fair bit!).

It just looks like somewhere in the Mediterranean. I love Scotland, and when you see it like this there is just no better place to be.

I have always wanted to travel around Scotland on a motorbike because you just feel more of your surroundings than you do in a car.

And it didn’t disappoint, we had a fabulous weekend full of photo opportunities and fabulous weather!


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  1. Aye we try to keep it a secret so pleased you found out its the weather that spoils it most of the time still glad you posted this

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