Image of the Week #17

albert dock reflection

This week in image of the week:

This has got to be one of my all time favourite photographs (of mine), I love finding a chance to take a photo slightly differently and although on it’s own Albert Dock (in Liverpool) is a very interesting and historic subject I thought it’s reflection would look just as good.

It’s one of those photos that I didn’t plan, it just struck me as I was walking along. The restaurant hadn’t opened yet so the table at the window was empty except for the salt and pepper pots! You may also notice my son’s head appearing at the bottom of the shot.

I love the architecture of the old warehouses around Albert Dock and the contrast of the more modern restaurant facade frames the shot nicely. I’m sure there could be improvements to be made but I didn’t have much time between passers by and my son! For my first reflection shot though, I am pleased with the results.


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