How To Upload A Photograph to a Blog or Forum

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Why am I talking about this?

I am starting off by talking about something really basic, how to upload a photograph to a blog, or forum. Now I know everybody knows how to do this, but I have found in the past that the easiest things to do are often taken as a given. That you should automatically know how to do it and therefore do not need to be told.

But this isn’t always true. Everybody has to start somewhere and learn simple things for the first time. And if there is no-one there to help them then it can become a real chore to complete. It can be so simple and obvious, but not to the person trying to figure it out for the first time – until they do. Then it becomes obvious!

So what I am trying to say is everyone has to start somewhere so I thought I would talk about how I learned to do this, just in case. Here is how I do it.

So what do you have to do?

The most important factor to consider is the file size of the photograph. It needs to be kept as small as possible while not taking away from the quality of the picture. This way the photographs don’t effect the time taken for the blog to load, or slow down scrolling effecting the sites performance and usability. Forums tend to have a file or size limit for this same reason. This is an important consideration when uploading to a blog or forum.

I use Photoshop Elements 3 to help me edit the photographs. I take a photo off my computer and resize it to the desired size and then I crop it if necessary (which I do most of the time) until I get it looking like I want it to. Then I use the ‘save for the web’ function under file and that makes it even smaller. With photographs they should be saved as jpegs. But when I use the ‘save for web’ option it converts them to gifs (to get them smaller I think). But recently I have been saving them as a .png file and they look fine or .gif file (for graphics).

How to Upload a Photograph to a Blog

Now the photograph is ready to be uploaded to the desired blog. Whether it’s a blog or forum it’s a similar process. This is what you are looking for a browse button:upload a photograph

I have a WordPress blog so I find it at the bottom of my write a post page. The browse button lets me navigate to the photograph on my computer and select it. I give it a name so it’s easy to recognise. Then I click upload and choose whether I want thumbnail, full size, etc and what I want it to link to, if any. All I have to do then is either click ‘send it to the editor’ if I want it to go in a post. Or click edit and save it for later, and it will be added to my uploads. And that’s it uploaded to my blog.

How to Upload a Photograph to a Forum

Generally when it comes to forums you are uploading a picture for an avatar which is a small picture that appears with all your forum posts, and becomes identifiable to you. So it follows the same principles as uploading to a blog. The difference being where to find the browse button. I went to the forum control panel, and then edit avatar and found the ‘choose one from your computer’ option and there was the browse button. I just selected it and that was it.

The other difference with forums is the size of the picture. In this case I had to get it 100 x 100 pixels or 19kb whichever was the smallest. Most forums are similar so if you can do one, the others should be near enough the same.

I will be looking at uploading photographs to photo/stock sites. And what is required to do it in much more depth in my stock photography exploration. But this is an essential small beginner step to learn. I have taken photographs for a long time but it is only this year that I have become active with online activities. And wanted to upload one, and learned how to do this.



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