How to Choose which Camera is Best for you?

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So we’ve talked about how we got into photography, and great ways to inspire ourselves, and now we’re getting around to talking cameras…. again!

I get asked this question a lot.

How do I choose which camera is best for me?

And what is my answer – always!

Drum roll……




Ok I’m joking – but it’s a really simple piece of advice that I think gets overlooked a lot!

What I always say is, it doesn’t matter if it’s a Canon or Nikon or something else? It really matters that it feels right in your hands and you like using it otherwise you’re on a non starter to begin with???

Very Simple… but very true…

Which Camera do you Own?

Not which one do you want? That’s a whoooole other post…….

I use a Canon 600d and I’m very happy with the images that I’m producing at the moment. Before I bought it I went to the shop and I picked one up and tried it out, then I tried a Nikon. But I knew straight away I liked the Canon better, it felt nicer in my hand, I liked the button positions and I liked the menu layout.

You may feel differently, camera choice is as individual as the photographer…

And I’m not saying you have to have a DSLR? I don’t necessarily think you need an all singing, all dancing camera to take really good images – see my Guess the Photo post.

I also think Micro Four Thirds camera’s and the APS-C Mirrorless systems are also very good cameras, and have all the control of an entry level DSLR. If not more in some cases…

So it’s over to you – Which Camera do you own?

Let us know in the comments:-



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  1. Hi Mandy
    I recently bourgt a canon EOS 6 D, I have been using canon powershot S5IS , which is also a great camera, I am still using it as most trusted backup.

  2. Pnasonic DMC-G3
    Lumix 14-42mm; 20mm; 45-200 mm lenses
    Love the small size of the whole package. Easy to carry around. Great all around pictures.

  3. I own a Canon 60D which I love 🙂 I also have a small Canon Powershot but don’t use it very much now I have the DSLR.

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