How to Backup your Photos from your Phone?

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Do you backup your photos from your phone?

I was reading an article the other day about mobile phones crashing and losing all the photos on them!

And I realised that I don’t. I had a load of photos I’ve taken on my phone and they’ll all just sat on there without another thought.

As I’ve said before the best camera is the one you have with you, and 10 times out of 10 I have my phone with me, so I take quite a lot of photos with my phone. It’s a Samsung Galaxy SIII mini by the way.

And I realised just like any other storage device it has the capacity to fail….. at any moment!!!

I backup all my DSLR/memory cards all the time, but I hadn’t even thought about my phone?

So I quickly backed them up, safe and accessible!

Here’s 3 really good ways to do it:

1. Google+

Use the instant upload feature on Google+ app, don’t worry you review them before you share them. You just need to turn on instant upload in your phones settings.

2. Flickr

There’s now a Flickr app so you can upload straight to Flickr from your phone. And they have 1 terabyte of storage for free – that’s a lot of photos!

3. Dropbox

A great online service to back up to, and you can also then access your images from your PC or tablet etc… if you download the app on them as well.

So simple and no wires…..

But these are only 3 ways to do it. Do you use another service? How do you back up your photos?

Let us know in the comments…

PS. Leaves taken with iPhone 4S.
Backed up via Dropbox.

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