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How many times should you backup your images?

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You should backup your images several times…

Notice I’m not asking whether you do, because that’s a given.

You have to back up your images – plain and simple!

If you haven’t already go and do it now….I’ll wait….

Because it only takes your laptop to crash and burn, and that’s it – gone….

Even if you have them on a laptop and external hard drive it wouldn’t take a lot to lose your precious images.

lighthouse - backup your images


And there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to get them back!

Backup your images

Why am I so fired up?

I was backing up some photos the other day when my external hard drive decided it didn’t want to play anymore?

Heart palpitations wasn’t in it – there was all out blind panic!

All of my images and a lot of family images were on that hard drive going back for years….

I tried to stay calm!?!?!?!?

Luckily I worked out that the USB lead had died and everything was alright in the world again! I just swapped leads, Phew!

So I then frantically copied a load of images onto another external hard drive as a backup of a

dockside shadows

dockside shadows


Just to be safe with your images, I think it is a good idea to back them up to several different places (like 3) just to be sure. You don’t want heart palpitations!

A surprise

And while I was copying my image folders over to the second hard drive I came across some very old images, I’m talking about 4 years ago when I first had a point and shoot.

I’d forgotten all about these images so it was a nice surprise when I found them.

It was interesting looking back at how I took images with that camera (my sons got it now).

an impressive pair

an impressive pair

I had to really think about the composition of the image and where the light or sun was coming from. Just because of the limited capabilities of the camera, it didn’t have an optical zoom only a digital one but that was pretty useless!

It was a challenge to use the available light to the best of my abilities and the cameras.

But it was an excellent way to begin learning about digital photography, it made me think!

So I’ve got all nostalgic and thought I’d share some of them with you, they’re straight out of the camera.

With no filters and only very slight post processing, like cropping and straightening of horizons (I couldn’t get a horizon straight if my life depended on it – I’m a bit better now!).


The morale of the story being, the more you shoot the more images you accumulate, the more organised you have to be.

You’d be devastated if you lost all your hard work and stunning images!

So think about storage and back them up in several different places (locations is even better), DVD’s (although they may not last forever), external hard drives, online storage etc…. whichever is best for you.

Do you ever look back at your old images? What have you learnt from them? Let us know in the comments below….



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  1. I have had hard drive failure happen twice to me, and its scary. I always try to back up once a week but its good practice to do it after every shoot. I may look into one of the online backup options eventually. Have you check them out?

  2. Post

    Mateo – only briefly! There’s more and more companies offering cloud services, and I need to know a little bit more before I decide on anything.

    But I do think that cloud storage will feature more as a back up solution in the future, especially when computer companies are starting to drop optical drives?

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