How Does Photography Make You Feel?

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How Does Photography Make You Feel? I’m interested in how it makes you feel, but I’d like to also share what it means to me. This is following on from yesterdays post which was about – what photography means to me. This is part 2 and is talking more about the different ways photographs make me feel. Then I want to hear from you.

Photography as Art

I love photography as art. I have lots of photographs around my house, some of family, some of places we have been and some by other photographers. And I find it very relaxing to be able to look at photographs. Having photos of family around brings up memories and keeps them close. Pictures of places we have been stirs up memories and makes me want to go again. But pictures that other photographers have taken are interesting because I am seeing the scene or subject through their eyes. And appreciating it for what they have captured.

It’s a more real type of art. Like I can just step into the photograph and be somewhere else. A complete get away or escape from whatever I am doing at the time. Being moved or inspired by the things around you, and enjoying them through photographs makes things real. Like a place I have always wanted to visit but not had the chance yet.

For me photography is my favourite type of art. The paintings I have in my house tend to be again of places I visit. So I think I can conclude that I like my art to stimulate an emotion or memory, for me to get the most out of it. How do you enjoy art?

Inspirational Photographers

Looking at other photographers work can be inspiring and their work can be different and give me a new way to look at things or give me ideas. Sometimes I can’t help wondering how did they do that? That in turn inspires me and my photography. I will be looking at some inspirational photographers in this blog as we go along.

History of Photography

I love looking into the history of photography and it’s journey from when it was invented to today, it’s intriguing. I am fascinated by the inventors then and now, and how do they manage to think up the ideas in the first place? It’s nice to know how we got to this point with photography and where we could be going next.

Photography is a great reference tool and I love to see how the recording of history has changed since it’s invention. Looking back at old photographs say from where I live can show how much things have changed or grown. And it gives a unique insight into how we used to live or what happened, telling history in there own way.

I would like to look at past photographers and how they recorded the things around them. I wonder what future generations will think about how or what we record in our photographs?


This is my view on it. But I would love to hear your views and how photography makes you feel. Please let me know in the comments below.



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  1. I have had some people ask me why I like doing photography so much, why I want to continue it as a career, and what makes it so special. Well, the answer is simple. I once took a picture of an old dirt path that heads down to a pasture that was at my grandpa’s old farm, to me, this single pictures holds so many memories; memories of sounds, smells, people, adventures, tractor rides, it’s where I had most of my childhood memories! It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to capture a memory exactly how you want to remember it forever. To be able to look at the picture and instantly remember everything that has happened there. I want to make other people feel that way, whether it’s their senior picture or pictures of them working hard on a farm. I want people to be able to look at something I have created for them years down the line and instantly be filled emotions.
    That. That is why.

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