How do Digital Cameras Work?

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Have you ever wondered how digital cameras work?

I know I do. It has always fascinated me how digital cameras work. I understand how a film camera works, the shutter is released to expose the light sensitive film inside to the image being taken. And then the film is developed with chemicals.

But how do digital cameras work when there is no film and no chemicals? Obviously the image is created digitally but how? It would be interesting to find out!

I recently watched a program on the Discovery Channel called How It’s Made. And they were looking at how sensors are made for digital products including Digital Cameras. It was really interesting. What they do is make a light sensitive sensor out of a mixture of circuits and light sensitive chemicals. They are then exposed to the image you want to take, it records the different light information from the image. Then a processor converts that information into the photograph. Cool hey!

Now that was a very basic introductory description about how they work. Digital cameras are very sophisticated pieces of equipment, with basically miniature computers on board. But I thought it best to keep this to an introduction of them. Here is another one that puts it slightly better from How Stuff Works: An introduction to how Digital Cameras work.

I hope that between these two descriptions you can get a feel for how they work. How on earth do people come up with these ideas and inventions in the first place? This is a huge invention and a massive leap forward for photography. Digital cameras have revolutionized photography, and how we take photographs today. That was some idea!



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