how did you get into photography

How did you get into Photography?

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Is it because you love gadgets, or because you love to capture the image that you see, or you like recording memories, or you like the flexibility of post processing?

Whatever the reason is, I want to know – How did you get into Photography?

I’ll go first:

I got into photography in the days of film and Kodak cameras! (yes I’m that old!)

When the click of the shutter was the beginning and end of the image, and the only thing left was to wait for the photos to come back from the developers to see what I’d got…

But mainly I got into photography because I love to capture the scene in front of me, that moment in time and the memories I associate with it.

What excites me about Photography now?

What I love about photography now is that anybody can do it. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a Pro DSLR or a camera on your phone, it is sooooo easy for anybody to take photos and share them.

Now the digital age is here, we can step beyond the click of the shutter and start imagining and creating (I love creating!) so much more….

Yes, I love gadgets, but pressing the shutter now is the start of the image not the end, and it’s that that excites me about photography now. It opens doors to new types of photography like HDR, timelapse, panoramas etc. And with post processing I can take my images to another level…

Just like the image at the top of this post, this is one of my favourite images at the moment.


Because of the where, when and the how!

So I’m thankful

That I have the opportunity to experiment and create (there I go again!). And I’m not trying to build a darkroom in the garden shed!

And because the surge in popularity for this kind of photography means, that it’s no longer only for those few that can afford darkrooms or for professionals only. I think we have a very bright future with photography…

Why am I telling you this?

Because for me it’s good to remember why I got into photography and why I get excited by it. It helps to keep it fresh.

So now it’s your turn…

How did you get into photography? Tell me by sharing in the comments below….


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  1. I bought my first digital camera so I could take pictures of my children. It was an extravagant purchase… I paid close to $600 for a 4.2 MP Sony camera with a telephoto lens… but that was back in 2005. In all the years I used the camera I never took it out of auto-mode… not sure why. I just never thought about it. I gave the camera to my mother when I bought a new Nikon D3100… She’s 84 and trying to learn how to use it.

  2. Hey Mandy,
    Thanks for asking.
    For most of my 64 yrs I have been a simple image taker, nothing excessive or even regular, with only the use of little point and shoot cameras. Recently, with 13 yr old twins involved in sports and other performance activities, I decided I needed a camera with a telephoto lens to capture images from distance; baseball, soccer, theater, band and chorus, etc..
    So, I began to research DSLR’s and ended up with a Nikon D7000 a couple months ago. During the research, and more so, since the purchase, I have really been taken with the amazing possibilities that come with current DSLR technology as well as the artistic opportunities it offers. I have taken nearly a thousand images so far, am having great fun and am getting deeper and deeper into this art form!


    PS: your blog has helped me immensely in my education, thank you so much

  3. My start with photography came from gadget. Watching sports and going to events, I saw the pros with their big, long lenses and thought they were so cool. My 1st camera was a point and shoot camera and then I quickly changed to a DSLR. Took some wedding photo sessions, got back to film and now a Canon 5d.

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