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Guess the Photo – Which Photo is Taken with Which Camera?

I thought I’d have a bit of fun!

Last time I looked at megapixels and how they really affect our photography.

So I thought this time I’d see if you can tell which photo was taken with which camera?

There are 3 photos below:

  • 1 taken on a 5mp camera phone
  • 1 taken on a very old budget 5mp point and shoot camera
  • 1 taken on a 12mp 450d DSLR camera

Now we have 3 photos taken on 3 different types of camera that all have different sizes and quality of image sensors in them. So if I was to print the images out, then you would know immediately which is which because of the quality and print size (check the megapixels post) of the image.

But when they are on the internet like this and all set at the same size (500 pixels wide), then it levels the playing field a bit and it becomes a lot harder I think to tell the difference.

So take a look below and see if you can guess right – should be fun! Please leave your answers in the comments below…



I purposely chose images that have had very little post processing, so they’re pretty much out of the camera!






I look forward to seeing what you think, and I’ll post the answers in the comments soon….


23 comments… add one

  • Brenda Eves

    My guess, for that is what is! …
    lighthouse taken on the camera phone,
    The Flowers was taken with the point and shoot and the Door with the DSLR.

  • Steve

    Door = DSLR
    Flower = Camera phone
    Lighthouse = Point and shoot.
    Those are my best guesses, based on colour tone and depth of field.

  • Frank

    My amateurish guess
    Door- Old budget Camera
    Flower -DSRL camera
    Light house.- 5 Mp camera

  • James

    Great experiment! Hard to tell the difference on a monitor. Much easier when you look up the Exif data though, but that would be cheating…

  • Mandy

    Yes James, that would be cheating!!!

  • Tom

    Door = DSLR
    Flowers = Camera Phone
    Lighthouse = point and shoot

  • I agree with Steve; these are also my guesses:

    Door = DSLR
    Flower = Camera phone
    Lighthouse = Point and shoot

  • Maxo

    The bokeh of camera phone are so caracteristic, and easily done with “proxy” objects, no doubt the flower is one of them :)

    so same as Steeve, Tom and Tammy

    Door = DSLR
    Flower = Camera phone
    Lighthouse = Point and shoot.

    Thank you for this fun game

  • Stefanie

    Door = DSLR
    Flower = Camera phone
    Lighthouse = Point and shoot.

    I enjoyed this and I agree with all the others!

  • Door -> Point and shoot only because it looks like a flash popped
    flower -> dslr
    Lighthouse -> camera

  • I Agree with some of the other posts!
    #1 dslr
    #2 camera phone
    #3 point and shoot

    All good shots. Shows that it isn’t always the camera but the person holding the camera that counts!

  • Em

    I think differently… eek. No doubt this means I am wrong

    Door = point & shoot
    Flower = phone
    Lighthouse = DSLR

  • deep

    Door = Point & shoot
    Flower = Camera phone
    Lighthouse = DSLR.

  • dunno

    Image 1 DSLR
    Image 2 phone
    Image 3 point and shhot


  • Hey Mandy,

    This is my “guess”
    1) Door: DSLR (Canon EOS 450d)

    2) Flowers: Camera Phone (Nokia 6700)

    3) Lighthouse: Point and Shoot Camera (DS5MP)

    All had some post processing using Adobe photoshop CS Windows, Am I close ;)

  • Hard to tell the difference but my guess would be photo 1 point an shoot, photo 2 DSLR, photo 3 camera phone.

  • Camera phone for the lighthouse
    Point-and-shoot for the flowers
    DS LR for the door

  • anonmyous

    flowers-old point and shoot
    lighthouse-camera phone

  • Mayur

    Door – Old Budget Powershoot Camera
    Flowers – iphone
    Lighthouse – DSLR

  • Joking

    As an amateur,that that just got canon 70d because of my great interest in cinematography, pic 1-DSLR canon 600d,pic 2-Samsung galaxy note 3,pic 3-point and shoot.

  • Lana Heuermann

    Wondering how you are doing after your surgery. I may have to have the same and am scared…Lana

  • suzie

    For what its worth I think:

    Door – camera phone
    Flowers – point and shoot
    Lighthouse – DSLR

  • johnny

    Door – p&s
    Flowers – DSLR
    Lighthouse – camera !!

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