Rabari - Encounter with a Nomadic Tribe

ebook Review: Rabari – Encounters with a Nomadic Tribe

The Insider Series to Travel Documentary Photography

The Rabari – Encounters with a Nomadic Tribe by Mitchell Kanashkevich is the new ebook from Lightstalking.

First off, you don’t have to be a travel photographer to make use of this book.

The composition, lighting and post processing tips will help any photographer improve their portrait photography.

Who’s Mitchell

Mitchell knows what he is talking about. He is an award winning travel and documentary photographer, with his work appearing in top photography and travel magazines as well as Getty and Corbis to name but a few!

This ebook is a fantastic chance to take a look behind the scenes at one of his actual photo shoots.

The Gear

The thing that most impressed me about this ebook was the gear that Mitchell used. A 400D, and one of the lenses he used was a 50mm f1.8.

Rabari Tribal Leader

Rabari Tribal Leader

Why is this so special? I have a 450D and a 50mm f1.8!

Which means… That the gear is on our level, it’s not a 5D or 1D.

It shows what an entry level DSLR can do! And it shows if he can do it so can we – with the help of his tips!

What’s inside

It’s laid out like a story and Mitchell takes you through the steps he uses to create the images, including:

  • background information
  • objectives
  • light
  • moment/pose
  • composition
  • biggest challenge – how I managed it
  • ‘what’ and ‘why’ of post processing

3 main points that stand out to me when I read this book:

  1.  Any photographer can learn from these tips – composition, lighting and post processing.
  2.  The equipment Mitchell used is easily accessible. He used a 400D and one of his lenses was a 50mm f1.8 (I have a 450D and a 50mm f1.8!)
  3.  The story that the book takes you on, he breaks down 10 photographs into how, why, what and when.

Click here to buy and view more details on the ebook

P.S. I think it’s that good it’s got my affiliate link!

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