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Do you want your Photography site to have better SEO?

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I know I do! I want to increase my website traffic and grow my search engine capabilities so more people can see my images, and read my articles. Lets face it a photography site has to be well optimised these days because there are so many quality sites out there.

What’s the point of having a photography site to display your images if nobody can see it?

One of the most important parts of any type of website, never mind a photography one is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). There is a host of information on the internet about SEO and how to use it, but I’m really excited because I’ve just found an ebook that is specific to Photographers and optimising their Photography sites with SEO.

It’s called the SEO for Photography Websites Free Toolkit and it includes the SEO Cookbook, videos and a bonus What Buyers Want PDF. It bascially is a step by step guide for photographers to help them improve their photography sites whether they have a blog, portfolio or website using SEO. I’m reading through it at the moment and so far I’m really pleased with it. I think every photographer that wants to build a ‘site’ and grow their online presence should download this as it’s a really good resource, and it’s free so there’s no excuse!


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  4. Mandy,

    And, for those photogs who would rather be booking and shooting rather than learning SEO, there companies that will do it for you.
    Specifically, if you would like to leverage a wider range of internet marketing tools, techniques, and strategies, you’d be wise to first understand how all these techniques can help you, then contact someone who can help you supercharge your efforts or take it over and get you the results you want without spending your time learning a new skill set. Photographers, as a community, are just waking up to SEO and it’s advantages for their businesses and this is just the tip of the iceberg.
    Thanks for bringing awareness with your article!

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      Thanks Wade,

      Your right marketing and promotion does get in the way of shooting, they are necessary evils aren’t they! You make a good point, it’s good to get help from a specialised company if you can afford to outsource these tasks. Letting you concentrate on whats important – the photography. If you can’t afford to, then hopefully this guide may help.

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