Digital Photography Part 2

This post is the second in a three part series looking at taking, editing and sharing digital photographs. The first part covered taking an image, and this post is going to look at editing an image. These subjects are huge and could easily have (and do) a whole book dedicated to them. So I am just looking at introducing them and what I like about them.

Why do I want to edit my photographs?

Being able to upload my photographs onto my computer and then edit them has become very easy to do, and the norm. But if I just think back a couple of years none of this was possible. At least not without spending a fortune on the equipment needed to do it. But luckily enough nowadays it’s possible to do it, and at a very reasonable price. I say this as someone who started with film cameras, to give a little perspective, and a mini history lesson.

I’m also lucky enough to have a large range of software available to choose from to be able to edit my photographs with. From free software online, or that comes with the camera. To spending a bit of money on industry standard software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. The latter literally being designed for photographers.

None of this is really answering the question of why I want to edit my photographs is it? Well it’s very simple – Creativity. I’ve always edited my photographs. Back in the day it was in the darkroom when I used film cameras. And now I do it on my laptop. Using a lot of the techniques that I used in the darkroom, just made easier now that they are done digitally.

Editing the Image

Creativity is central to photography. From the second you pick up your camera, to the finished article hanging on the wall. And that part in the middle where I edit, or post process my images is just as important in creating the photograph as anything else.

I use Adobe Lightroom mainly to edit the images that I take. I also use Adobe Photoshop on occasion. It’s software that I have to pay a subscription for, but handily they’re packaged together in a photographers bundle. Which makes it easy and convenient to use.

I love Adobe Lightroom because it gives me flexibility and tons of creativity for editing an image. Sometimes I’ll just give the image a little tweak and other times I’ll be a lot more artistic with it. It really depends on each individual image to what I’ll decide to do with it.

Editing, or post processing is a very individual thing. Everyone has very different opinions about it. And so they should. Some people never edit their images, and others will always process them and even use the same technique every time like HDR photography. I say they are all right. You can treat your photographs however you want because they are your pieces or art. I never tell anyone what to do with their photographs. But I will share what I do and what I like to do, because I like to and because I hope it’s helpful to others.



This is my introduction to editing, I hope you enjoyed it. And I will be expanding on this a lot in the future. So if you have any questions, or want to share what you think then please just leave a comment below.


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