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5 Must Read Articles for Digital Photographers

After a little inspiration or just want to check out some great images, take a look:

Must Read Articles for Digital Photographers

If you’re into underwater digital photography and want some inspiration then check this article out 31 Inspirational Underwater Images (did you spot the mistake?). These are amazing shots but my favourite is still the dolphins….

I’ve always liked black and white photography but never had the time to really try it out for myself. If you are interested in black and white photography then this article is for you – B&W Master Print.

What are you going to do with your holiday photos? I’ve been to East Anglia this summer for our family holiday and I’m going to use Printerpix to create a photobook. I’m becoming addicted to these things. They’re a great way to get my images off my hard drive and stop them gathering digital dust!

Everyone’s heard of Google+ by now. But if you are thinking about using it then you may want to read why photographers should love Google+ it may help you decide. Or are you on it and want some tips then getting started in Google+ a photographers guide may be what you are looking for…

This is a lovely look at how powerful digital photography can be. And how much it can mean to the photographer – Reflecting on Reflections…



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