Which Type of Digital Camera Do You Use?

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So which type of digital camera do you use? And even how many types of digital cameras are there? In yesterdays post I took a look at how digital cameras work. So today I thought I’d take a look at which type of digital cameras are available. Here they are:

1. Mobile Phone Cameras

Everyone has a mobile phone and therefore everyone has a digital camera. This has completely opened up photography to basically everyone. And means that we can all take more photographs, capture more memories, and share them more than ever before. For me that’s brilliant.

2. Point and Shoots

These cameras are great for taking snapshots and are generally small and easy to fit into a pocket or bag, so they can be taken anywhere. They have come a long way and take good images for snapshots. And also are reasonably priced. But they do have limited features and options that you can use, and therefore limit the photographs that you can take.

Having said that there are now some pretty powerful compacts out there. Because they’re having to compete with the mobile phone market. That all equals better choice for us though, so not all bad.

3. Bridge and Super zoom Cameras

These cameras are in between Point and Shoots and DSLR cameras. They look like small DSLR’s but tend to not have an optical viewfinder, so you have to use the LCD screen to compose the photo. They do have large versitle zoom lenses, so they go from wide angle to long telephoto to give you a good range. The lens is fixed though and not interchangeable.

4. Mirrorless or Compact System Cameras

It’s strange to call something by what it hasn’t got? But as the name suggests, mirrorless cameras don’t have a mirror. In other words they are very similar to DSLR cameras, but where the DSLR has a hump on the top where the mirror is (to rotate the image so it can be viewed in the right orientation). A mirrorless camera uses a digital viewfinder rather than an optical one so therefore doesn’t need a mirror. This reduces the size of the camera, and the lens that you can attach without loss of image quality. And is why they are called compact system cameras.

5. Digital SLR Cameras

DSLR stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex and are very similar to 35mm film SLR’s, but use a digital sensor rather than film. You are able to change the lens and may find that some 35mm lens will fit your digital SLR (with an adapter). They are fantastic for being in control of your creativity when taking photographs. They range from entry level models to high end professional models. And have a large amount of lenses that can be used with them.

6. Medium Format Cameras

These cameras have larger sensors than a full frame DSLR or 35mm film camera. With very large megapixel counts. They’ve been around a long time and have made the transition to digital from film. And are more for professionals mainly because of their large price tag.


Which is the best one to use? The best one to use is the one that fits you, your budget and your style of photography.

So now it’s over to you. Which type of digital camera do you use? Or which one would you like? Let me know in the comments below.



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