Clink Street taken with a compact camera

Compact Cameras are they worth looking at anymore?

Compact cameras are basically point and shoot cameras. So with all the great camera choices out there – is there any room for Compact cameras?

I think so!

Companies are having to up their game big time with Compact cameras because of stiff competition from Mobile Phones. So there are some very interesting cameras coming out at the moment with some cool features.

So what are the main differences?

Sensors – Yes the sensors are smaller, quite a bit smaller, so in theory the image quality shouldn’t be as good? But you can still take some really good photos with these cameras.

Lenses – The main difference besides the sensor size with these cameras are the lenses. They have fixed lenses which means you can’t change them. Whatever lens you get with the camera you are stuck with! All the other cameras we have discussed like DSLR’s and Mirrorless all have interchangeable lenses. So choose wisely……

Size – You have big Daddy Bear DSLR’s, then you have the Mummy Bear Mirrorless and finally the Baby Bear Compact Cameras! If you want a camera that will fit in your pocket (and you don’t want to use your phone!) then Compacts, as their name suggests are the one for you!


There is a huge range of Compact cameras available. As ever the range goes from very cheap and cheerful, to high end and fairly expensive….. But for that you get a lot of control and features. And it’s the high-end or enthusiast Compact cameras that are becoming very interesting. Besides the normal offering of HD video and retractable zoom lenses you can find features like touch screen, WiFi, GPS, NFC, flip up screens and electronic viewfinders to name but a few….

It’s amazing what they can squeeze into something so small!

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at the different types of cameras that are out there, I know I have! If you have any questions just give me a shout in the comments below…


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