Church Project

I want to do a bit more with projects because I’m enjoying my Project 365 so much. So I thought it would be interesting to concentrate on one type of subject, like Churches for instance. It will be good to explore a subject in more detail, and good practice. I chose Churches because I like architecture, and Churches are amazing examples of this.

These shots are of Birkenhead Priory the first Church that I wanted to shoot, mainly because it’s the oldest standing building on the Wirral (the first photograph) so I thought it was a good place to start.

The tall tower is St Mary’s Tower which was part of a later church that was built next to the old Priory.

Birkenhead Priory was also the first place where a ferry crossed the River Mersey, operated by the monks of the Priory.

You may think it a bit strange to see a ship in these photographs seeing as I’m looking at Churches, but it is the view from the top of St Mary’s Tower, looking over into Cammell Larids dock yard. The dock yard is literally feet away from the priory, it’s amazing what you can find right next to Churches!

Trying out the gallery feature!


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