St Pauls Cathedral on a photowalk

What can Photowalks do for your Photography

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What can Photowalks do for you…? Do you meet up with other photography friends? Do you ever go on organised Photowalks? Well, way back in January (seems so long ago now) I went on the London Photowalk on the Southbank. It was the first time that I’d been to the Southbank and the first time I’d been on a photowalk…. …

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What do you want to do with your Photography in 2014?

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Happy New Year for 2014! I’m very excited about 2014 and where my Photography could take me this year… Do you know what you want to do with your photography in 2014. What do you want to achieve this year? I may have said this before:) But I think photography is a journey and I think you constantly evolve and …

how did you get into photography

How did you get into Photography?

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Is it because you love gadgets, or because you love to capture the image that you see, or you like recording memories, or you like the flexibility of post processing? Whatever the reason is, I want to know – How did you get into Photography? I’ll go first: I got into photography in the days of film and Kodak cameras! …

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How to Reach all your Photography Goals in 2012 in One Easy Step

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Have you made any New Years resolutions, or set your photography goals in 2012? If you have… …don’t let these goals slip away – take action! This is my photography goal for 2012 If I can do this then everything else will fall into place Keep it simple: I’m going to take more photographs this year I think this is …

photography quotes

20 Photography Quotes You Must Read

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You’ll see a famous photograph, or read about a well known photographer and you’ll be interested to find out more. Wouldn’t it be great to know how they are inspired? Or how they think about taking photographs? What’s their motivation? Well I think if you read their photography quotes then that’s a great way to get a little insight into …

inspire your photography

5 Tips to Inspire Your Photography This Year

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So it’s a New Year and some of us may have new cameras to play with? But where is the best place to start with them or where can you go to just find a good resource for them. Here’s some tips to inspire your photography. Inspire your photography Or are you in need of some inspiration or direction for your shooting this year, …

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My 10 Favourite Shots of 2009

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So the title’s self explantary really! Here are my 10 favourite shots of 2009 – that I took… 1. Last July we had the chance to visit the D-Day beaches in Normandy France, somewhere I’ve always wanted to go. This shot was taken in the B&B where we stayed. 2. We stayed in a Bed and Breakfast in Arromanches called …

10 photography goals

My 10 Photography Goals for 2010

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I was reading the Digital Photography School the other day and came across one of their writers blogs called Mostly Lisa. I really like her blog, and one of her posts really stood out and grabbed me – 10 New Year’s Resolutions every Photographer should make. So I’ve been thinking a little bit about what I wanted to achieve in …