What is a Canon 600D/T3i like to use?

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Canon 600D/T5i

The camera which I use at the moment for all of my photography is a Canon 600D. Also known as a Canon T3i if you live in America. Don’t know why Canon does that, they may just like to confuse us? So what do I think of it? I’m not going to do a technical review because there are so … Read More

Compact Cameras are they worth looking at anymore?

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Clink Street

Compact cameras are basically point and shoot cameras. So with all the great camera choices out there – is there any room for Compact cameras? I think so! Companies are having to up their game big time with Compact cameras because of stiff competition from Mobile Phones. So there are some very interesting cameras coming out at the moment with … Read More

Mirrorless, Micro 4/3 What Does It All Mean?

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British Museum

When it comes to buying a camera these days you have a lot of choice – DSLR, Mirrorless, Compact, then they ask do you want APS-C, Micro Four Thirds or Full Frame? At this point you start to wonder if they’re speaking English? I don’t blame you it can be confusing, but don’t worry I can sort this out right now … Read More

What is a DSLR and Why Do You Need One?

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DSLR: Victory Flag

You want to be more creative with your photography. So which camera do you need? You’ve been looking at a DSLR. But what is a DSLR? DSLR – It stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex Ok maybe that doesn’t make it any clearer…… let me try again! Digital means that the camera has an image sensor that turns the image … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Buying an Entry Level DSLR

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canon eos 450d and 18-55mm IS lens

You’ve decided you want to buy a DSLR. But where do you start – not sure? Don’t worry, this guide will take you through the questions you need to answer to help you choose the DSLR that’s right for you. Buying your first DSLR is a big decision, lets face it photography is not a cheap hobby, and DSLR’s are expensive, … Read More

ebook Review: Rabari – Encounters with a Nomadic Tribe

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Rabari - Encounter with a Nomadic Tribe

The Insider Series to Travel Documentary Photography The Rabari – Encounters with the Nomadic Tribe by Mitchell Kanashkevich is the new ebook from Lightstalking. First off, you don’t have to be a travel photographer to make use of this book. The composition, lighting and post processing tips will help any photographer improve their portrait photography. Who’s Mitchell Mitchell knows what he is … Read More

Which is the Best Entry Level DSLR For a Beginner?

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canon 450D

That’s a big question and will change depending on who you are and what you like. But what I can do is tell you my experience as a beginner DSLR user, and hopefully that will help in your own decision making process. You may also want to check out The Ultimate Guide to buying an Entry Level DSLR. *Update at … Read More

Introducing My DSLR – Canon 450D/XSi

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motorbike headlight reflection

I love gadgets especially cameras so I really enjoyed spending time looking at which DSLR I wanted to buy. And now I have my very own Canon 450D/ XSi, that I’d like to introduce to you and share some of the first shots I took with it. If you’d like to know why I upgraded to a DSLR, then take … Read More

10 Must Have Accessories For Your DSLR

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City Hall and Tower Bridge

This is a list of the top 10 items on my digital photography wish list (I have a Canon 450D) and possibly should be on your list too. Every photographer has a wish list, and the items on the list tend to range from the affordable and practical, to the absolute dream. I’m a gadget fiend so I love researching … Read More

What did Santa bring you?

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frozen railing

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and a happy New Year (if you celebrated them!). Before I move completely into 2009, I can’t help wondering what Santa brought you all for Christmas? And was it photography related? From my point of view Santa brought me a lovely new camera bag for my DSLR, a Canon 450D. It took a … Read More

How to Choose a DSLR Part 2

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canon rebel xsi dslr

So I’ve been scouring the internet looking at DSLR’s and reviews on them, even with a budget of £500 there’s still a lot on offer from all the big names like Sony, Olympus, Pentax, Canon and Nikon. The task I set myself was to narrow it down to a shortlist of 3 camera’s that I liked, not an easy task! … Read More

How To Choose a DSLR

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entry level DSLR

This is the first of a two part series looking at what to consider when choosing a DSLR as an amateur photographer. So I’ve made the decision to upgrade from my modest point and shoot to a DSLR. But where do I start? There are so many to choose from, there’s a make and model for just about everyone with … Read More