Which Cameras Have I Used?

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How did it all start?

A lot of my family were into cameras and taking photographs. I always remember watching them and wanting to have a go. I’ve probably been interested in cameras and wanting to take photographs since I was about five. I remember really early on being shown how to take a photograph. Probably because I was nagging to have a go. It was on a really basic camera with no settings or anything. And it was to just practice taking photographs (and shut me up) without moving the whole camera to do it.

I had a lot of cameras when I was young, and I have had trouble trying to remember them all. But the ones below are the ones I used the most.

Which cameras have I used… so far?

1. I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s when cameras were going through a lot of changes and shapes and sizes. A lot of new models came out like the 110, Disc and Polaroid cameras. My first camera was a hand me down, the simplest 35mm camera you had ever seen with no settings whatsoever and a flash cube! Showing my age now.

2. I had a Disc camera for a while, they were very popular at the time due to the design being so different, they were really thin. And the negatives were on a disc like a kids picture viewer.

3. I wanted to try an SLR camera so I borrowed my Dad’s old Zenith SLR that weighed a ton, it’s the heaviest camera I’ve ever held.

4. Next I was given a hand me down 35mm old camera of my Granddad’s made by Kodak, from about the 60’s. Still worked though, nobody else wanted to use it because the settings on the lens were in feet rather than f stops.

Point and Shoots

5. Then I had a more modern point and shoot 35mm Richoh RZ-735 with a zoom lens. My first camera with a zoom on it.

6. I also borrowed my husbands 35mm SLR for a while, a Pentax MZ-50 with a SMC Pentax 35-80 mm lens on it. I really enjoyed using that camera.

7. My first digital camera was a 1.5 mega pixel Fujifilm point and shoot camera that needed batteries! This was only a year or so after they came out and they were still quite expensive. The only thing now was I wanted a computer…

8. My most recent camera is a Traveler DC-5080 5 mega pixel camera and size wise my smallest camera so far. Although it’s not a Digital SLR it is a nice little camera and most of the photographs on this blog will have been taken with it.


9. My first DSLR. And is was a Canon 450D/XSi. I got it as a kit with a 18-55mm kit lens. Loved this camera, it was cutting edge at the time and had just come out. No video on this one though… yet.

10. I then upgraded it to a Canon 600D/T3i. Again it had just come out, I stayed within the entry level range simply because of price and budget. This time I got a 18-135mm kit lens with it.


This isn’t an extensive list, and I’m sure it will continue to grow and I’ll keep updating it. But it is a lot of fun seeing which cameras I’ve used, and a little nostalgic…

Now it’s over to you, which cameras have you had over the years? Let me know in the comments below.



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